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If you have content to be considered for publication, or you would like to be a volunteer writer, drop us a line!

We are interested in publishing a wide variety of informative material about the medical marijuana sector, and are actively seeking contributing authors to help drive traffic and educate the world about the benefits of medicinal marijuana, the hemp industry, breaking news stories, interviews, and scientific research.


The categories we wish to grow on our site include:

Business (Stocks, Companies, Investment opportunities, Industry Valuations, Business Leader review)

Industry (The industrial side of the MMJ / Hemp sector. Everything from HEMPCRETE, to hemp paper)

Health (What part does MMJ contribute to overall health? Do you have a case study?)

Lifestyle (How does MMJ contribute to lifestyle in general? What are the social aspects that need to be discussed?)

Science (This is for Scientific breakthroughs and research. A potential Cancer cure? CBD Studies? They go here.)

Politics (Found some dirty laundry? Have there been some interesting political milestones reached? We’d like to share them with the world)


Also, if you have any ideas, or feedback to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.

You can contact our editorial desk at: editor@mmj.today

We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for being a reader.