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THE CASE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA OF MASSACHUSETTS…..WHAT’S AHEAD IN JUDICIAL LEGISLATION? April 28, 2015, Superior Court Justice, Michael H Kaplan passed his judgement that would free Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts Inc (MMM) from a long and tumultuous road to being denied by the Department of Health; the Judge set aside the Department’s denial at the conclusion of the judicial review …

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CEN Biotech CEO Funds Company, Forgives $2 Million Debt – Updated

CEN Biotech Inc, a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of the hotly debated publicly traded company Creative edge nutrition (OTC: FITX) which is actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, filed it’s quarterly financials last week on the OTC markets. Both the company and it’s CEO, Dr. Bill Chaaban, who is a licensed attorney in both …

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Potential Criminal Indictment of Stock Basher Matthew Finston – Updated

In light of recent developments surrounding an alleged campaign to destroy the publicly traded company’s share price. CEN Biotech (OTC: FITX), a Canadian subsidiary actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, has had approximately 100 documented negative and defamatory articles written against the company over the span of just 1 year, almost exclusively (60+) …

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CBD in Dentistry – Can Cannabis Cure Cavities?

Currently, the majority of research in medical marijuana focuses exclusively on analyzing its effectiveness in treating various ailments of the human body. Dental marijuana research has not been extensively investigated, and hallmark features critical to heal dentition with this medicinal drug are vastly unknown. This systematic research review aims to 1) identify various molecular caries (cavities) mechanisms and 2) determine …

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