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Potential Criminal Indictment of Stock Basher Matthew Finston – Updated

In light of recent developments surrounding an alleged campaign to destroy the publicly traded company’s share price. CEN Biotech (OTC: FITX), a Canadian subsidiary actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, has had approximately 100 documented negative and defamatory articles written against the company over the span of just 1 year, almost exclusively (60+) …

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Distortion and Cyber-terrorism – Canadian Medical Marijuana Company Targeted

Collaboration: from the Latin word collaboratus, a past participle of collaborare “to labor together”, from Latin com- + laborare to labor. In a letter dated January 13th, 2014 from the Licences and Permits Division of Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances, CEN Biotechs CEO, Mr. Bill Chaaban is personally thanked for his collaboration with Health Canada through the licensing process …

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