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Work Hard In Silence

“Work hard in silence, and let your success make the noise” is the most apt quote that comes to mind when we consider the patience of investors throughout CEN Biotech’s 90 day Quiet Period, ending shortly on Feb. 17th 2015. In the face of bashers and their misplaced skepticism, CEN Biotech will soon be making another strategicallyok well-timed spin off …

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Cen Biotech Earnings Analysis

Investors Impressed with CEN Biotech Financials Financial reports are SEC disclosures that provide nominal information regarding a company’s earnings expectations, current financial standing, revenue, and most importantly, transparent financial decisions important to the structural framework of a firm.  There has been much speculation and anticipation towards the financial statements (ending Sept 30th 2014) of CEN Biotech, posted on January 13th …

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