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Potential Criminal Indictment of Stock Basher Matthew Finston – Updated

In light of recent developments surrounding an alleged campaign to destroy the publicly traded company’s share price. CEN Biotech (OTC: FITX), a Canadian subsidiary actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, has had approximately 100 documented negative and defamatory articles written against the company over the span of just 1 year, almost exclusively (60+) …

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The Politics of Medical Marijuana: An Upcoming Look at Canadian Political Party Platforms

The Politics of Medical Marijuana: An upcoming look at Canadian Political Party Platforms  -with Respect to the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. The 2015 Canadian Federal Election quickly approaches and the future of Canadian Politics will soon become a place for debate, election promises, justification of platforms and pandering for votes from Canadian’s across the country. This election season there is …

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