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CEN Biotech CEO Funds Company, Forgives $2 Million Debt – Updated

CEN Biotech Inc, a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of the hotly debated publicly traded company Creative edge nutrition (OTC: FITX) which is actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, filed it’s quarterly financials last week on the OTC markets. Both the company and it’s CEO, Dr. Bill Chaaban, who is a licensed attorney in both …

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Capricious Actions by Health Canada Causing Detrimental Reliance to MMPR Applicants

Capricious Actions by Health Canada Causing Detrimental Reliance to MMPR Applicants Health Canada plays favorites with MMPR Applicants and LPs. Arbitrary behavior towards applicants by Health Canada. Health Canada lacks placement of, or effective adherence to internal SOP’s. Health Canada’s internal system broken. Corrective actions required. Health Canada has demonstrated a clear lack of diligence through capricious actions towards applicants …

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CEN Biotech Files Application for Judicial Review – UPDATED

UPDATED: CEN Biotech Files Application for Judicial Review and is seeking discovery. Health Canada Has 10 days to oppose Mandamus or issue a license under MMRP CEN Biotech and other applicants treated unfairly CEN Biotech requested to accelerate build out, receiving no license CEN Biotech Inc. has filed application for judicial review through the federal courts in Ontario against the …

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CEN Biotech Shows Strong Uptrend

CEN Biotech shows strong uptrend despite attempts by detractors to confuse new investors. Last week, following some very positive news about the direction that Creative Edge Nutrition (ticker Symbol FITX) is taking from new CEO James Robinson, the company gained more then 100% in its stock price. There was also mention of an updated website that will make it’s appearance …

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TWEED Profit Overview TWD.V (TWMJF)

Tweed is a licensed producer in Canada that is operating two licenses to grow medical marijuana under the MMPR program. The purpose of this article is to measure the efficiency of Tweed to generate income and how it controls its operating costs and expenses. As I will show Tweed is having difficulty in actually turning a profit. Contrary to the …

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Canadian Cannabis Corruption – A Conservative Tale.

Canadian Cannabis Corruption… Yes, I thought that might just get your attention. And for good reason. You see, there is a storm brewing in the wake of Canada’s MMPR program. A tale of political ties, competitive agendas, and conflicts of interest. I would firstly like to thank one Mr. Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail for initiating this investigation, …

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