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Marijuana and Diabetes: An Investigation into Treatment Options

Marijuana and Diabetes: An Investigation of marijuana as a treatment for diabetes. The development of treatment options of various disease states, illnesses, and ailments, is an evolving process that considers many chemical and biological mechanisms for managing symptoms, as well as bodily behaviors in response to such treatments. Diabetes is described as a chronic disease which has debilitating effects on …

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Cannabis and Cancer – Bridging the Gap through Science (Part 2, Relief)

In the formulation of new medicine, techniques are employed which are used to determine the capacity of the chemical components of a mixture to serve specific biological or chemical purposes. The development of a pharmaceutical drug involves many stages of testing and may fall within the range of 10 to 15 years of systematic testing before the drug itself is …

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CBD in Dentistry – Can Cannabis Cure Cavities?

Currently, the majority of research in medical marijuana focuses exclusively on analyzing its effectiveness in treating various ailments of the human body. Dental marijuana research has not been extensively investigated, and hallmark features critical to heal dentition with this medicinal drug are vastly unknown. This systematic research review aims to 1) identify various molecular caries (cavities) mechanisms and 2) determine …

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Cannabis and Cancer – Bridging the Gap Through Science (Part 1, Viability)

Societal understanding and conceptualization of what cancer is and what cancer does within the human body has largely been biased by the connotation of the name cancer itself. Many individuals hear the word cancer and immediately think of the horrible consequences of the affliction, but rarely does the question; “What is cancer?”, get raised or answered. According to the National …

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