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THE AMBROSE AGENDA – An Indepth Look The last year for Canadians, ahead of their Federal Election in the fall of 2015, has been one of dismay, disappointment, and quite frankly, down right dirty politics.  What do we mean? has written a number of articles pertaining to the company, CEN Biotech Inc, a company established solely to pursue a …

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Wichita Kansas Cannabis Law

Wichita Kansas, on April 7th voters in Wichita had the opportunity to vote on a ballot question to decriminalize marijuana for first time offenders. This ordinance would reduce the punishment for possession of marijuana to a $50 fine. Voters in Wichita passed the ballot question with a majority vote of 55%. While clearly the citizens of Wichita are in favor …

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New Hope for Epileptic Children in Tennessee Through Cannabis Oil, HB0197

Tennessee has just unanimously approved medical cannabis house bill HB0197 on Monday night which would allow for persons diagnosed with epilepsy to possess cannabis oil containing cannabidiol (CBD) in an amount less than 0.9% THC. Tennessee law had previously excluded this specific cannabis oil composition from their definition of “marijuana” in order to allow clinical research studies into intractable seizures …

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Health Canada Faces Quality Control Issues Under MMPR

Health Canada faces quality control issues in the delivery of product from companies operating under the MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations). In a recent surprise move by the IIROC, Aphria a publicly traded company, was suspended from trading on March 31, 2015. Aphria trades on the TSX-Venture markets in Canada under the symbol APH.V. The halt resulted from what …

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Senate Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Proposed

Proper medical research cannot be performed due to federal schedule 1 classification. Many patients suffering due to restricted access to effective medicines Banks will not work with dispensaries and growers due to federal classification Last year, a policy was adopted by congress in the appropriations bill which would stop federal funding of enforcement actions against medical marijuana patients. Today, a …

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