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Monthly Archives: May 2015

5 Real Reasons why Marijuana is here to Stay.

  5 Real Reasons Marijuana is here to Stay. The Blossoming of a Brand New, Old Industry. In the United States, public support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high, with well over half the population now siding with this new green friendly initiative. As of last year, 54% of the US population is now in favor of legalization. …

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MMPR Producer Health Check, Organigram

OrganiGram How successful are current licensed producers under Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program? Health Canada seems to have a growing concern under its Marijuana programs and how viable these companies actually are. While it is not my intention to report negative findings of any particular company, I believe it’s important to understand or at least shed some light on Health Canada’s …

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Marijuana and Diabetes: An Investigation into Treatment Options

Marijuana and Diabetes: An Investigation of marijuana as a treatment for diabetes. The development of treatment options of various disease states, illnesses, and ailments, is an evolving process that considers many chemical and biological mechanisms for managing symptoms, as well as bodily behaviors in response to such treatments. Diabetes is described as a chronic disease which has debilitating effects on …

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Potential Criminal Indictment of Stock Basher Matthew Finston – Updated

In light of recent developments surrounding an alleged campaign to destroy the publicly traded company’s share price. CEN Biotech (OTC: FITX), a Canadian subsidiary actively engaged in seeking a licence to grow marijuana under Canada’s newly formed MMPR, has had approximately 100 documented negative and defamatory articles written against the company over the span of just 1 year, almost exclusively (60+) …

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Wichita Kansas Cannabis Law

Wichita Kansas, on April 7th voters in Wichita had the opportunity to vote on a ballot question to decriminalize marijuana for first time offenders. This ordinance would reduce the punishment for possession of marijuana to a $50 fine. Voters in Wichita passed the ballot question with a majority vote of 55%. While clearly the citizens of Wichita are in favor …

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