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Monthly Archives: January 2015


This will be part 2 in a series of articles aimed at exposing the corruption around the Canadian MMPR process and speculative agenda of parties involved. In this article, I would like to expound upon some of the details of certain individuals efforts, as well as provide some background for character reference to aid in context. Please note that readers …

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Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) – Is Terra Tech Insolvent?

Note: this article has been revised. Financial ratios are a mathematical means of comparing and deducing the overall health of a company internally. It helps highlight areas within the company that are doing well or areas within the company that are doing poorly. This often helps financial analysts, creditors, and even internal management determine the stability or instability of the business …

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Canadian Cannabis Corruption – A Conservative Tale.

Canadian Cannabis Corruption… Yes, I thought that might just get your attention. And for good reason. You see, there is a storm brewing in the wake of Canada’s MMPR program. A tale of political ties, competitive agendas, and conflicts of interest. I would firstly like to thank one Mr. Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail for initiating this investigation, …

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Cen Biotech Earnings Analysis

Investors Impressed with CEN Biotech Financials Financial reports are SEC disclosures that provide nominal information regarding a company’s earnings expectations, current financial standing, revenue, and most importantly, transparent financial decisions important to the structural framework of a firm.  There has been much speculation and anticipation towards the financial statements (ending Sept 30th 2014) of CEN Biotech, posted on January 13th …

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